RSPB bird migration game for Saltholme

RSPB bird migration game

VisitMôr designs RSPB bird migration game for Saltholme, UK

If you’re unfamiliar with the ritualistic migratory patterns of the natural world, the concept of seasonal migration can be quite hard to grasp. It can be even more so for children. So when Saltholme invited us to develop a family friendly RSPB bird migration game, to tell the story of four migratory birds that visit the site, we were delighted.

Family friendly game

Firstly we wanted the game to be really simple to play, secondly it needed to be highly visual. Finally, and most importantly, it had be be fun! So the process offered an opportunity to combine some of our favourite things: wildlife stories, playful learning and good design. We worked with the team at the RSPB to devise a large wall mounted board game. This led to a game that was inviting and accessible for a range of visitors, so kids over four, wheelchair users and adults can all play along together.

RSPB bird migration game routes

The game features two main routes for winter and summer migratory birds, marking out the challenging flyways navigated to reach RSPB Saltholme. Attractive species profiles tell the story of each bird so players can discover more about the characters they play. The Visitor Experience Officer, who commissioned the game and worked with the team at VisitMôr to develop the content said, “The game looks great!”

Flights of trial and tribulation

Up to four players can play together, encountering peril and assistance specific to each species en route, whilst on a race to reach the finish line of RSPB Saltholme. Challenges range from storms and light pollution to skyscrapers and lack of landing spaces for birds to rest.

Coming soon…

Visitors can look forward to playing the RSPB bird migration game when interactive activities are back open on site.

Please check RSPB Saltholme for current opening times and facilities.

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Story / Image: © Beth Môrafon