New Year, new AHI trustees

Association for Heritage Interpretation

Association for Heritage Interpretation appoints new trustees

The Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI) opened up new trustee roles when its structure changed to an incorporated charity.

In fact, the new structure was chosen specifically because it supports growth, allowing the organisation to broaden its field of expertise. As a result, a series of select new trustee positions now complement the more traditional roles.

Consequently, the new recruits attended their first trustee meeting in November 2019. So, most importantly, who is who? Here’s a brief introduction to each of the four new trustees:

Firstly, A is for Astrid

Astrid Krumins is the Interpretation Manager for Wakehurst, RBG Kew’s wild botanic garden and home to the Millennium Seed Bank in Sussex. Interpreting the science and conservation stories of our native and global flora and fauna has been deep-rooted throughout her career. Previously, she worked for the Wildlife Trust, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and the National Trust. In addition, she is a qualified primary and TEFL teacher, and has a PGDip Interpretation: Management & Practice. Astrid is hoping to promote the benefits of AHI membership to other plant-passionate interpreters and will be helping organise the 2020 Conference.

Secondly, B is for Beth

Beth Môrafon is Founder and Director of VisitMôr, a public realm and visitor experience consultancy. She has 20 years’ practice in interpretation planning and creation. During this time, she developed over 40 large-scale national and international projects. As a result, her work has doubled peak visitation and been shortlisted for Museum & Heritage Awards. Formerly, she was Senior Consultant for the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and WWT Consulting. Beth will support the AHI to raise membership and build the profile of the organisation.

Thirdly, C is for Chris

Chris Walker is a founding Director of Bright White Ltd, a design, innovation and delivery consultancy based in York. For 15 years, he has worked with hundreds of different clients to deliver learning-led projects in the museums, archives and cultural sectors. Bright White has won multiple awards for its work, mainly for innovation and the use of technology for good. Chris will be bringing his digital expertise to the AHI.

And last but not least, D is for Damon

Damon Mahoney is a freelance Design Consultant based in Cumbria. Formerly, he was Senior Designer for Forestry Commission England (now Forestry England) for 12 years. In the role, he led on place identity, interpretation and wayfinding development across forest visitor sites. After setting up his own business, in 2016, Damon now works across a variety of identity and interpretation projects for public, charity and private clients. As an AHI trustee, he will be supporting the development of communications, marketing and the 2020 Conference.

Importantly, the new trustees will remain in position for up to three years, after which their posts can be renewed or relinquished. Furthermore, all the new trustees are looking forward to working with the established board of trustees, sharing and gaining insight. Similarly, for an insightful peek at the full A to Z of passionate and talented trustees explore AHI People.

About Association for Heritage Interpretation

Interestingly, the AHI is a membership organisation with a diverse network of interpreters exploring natural and cultural heritage in the UK. It encourages active members to join and meet people at its popular training events, workshops and annual conference.

Story / Image: © Beth Môrafon